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Judge Course 2016

The Judge Course, National Level have been held between 13-16 October 2016 ago.
Placed in the “Sidharta A Martoredjo” Shorinji Kempo Center for Education and Training, the Judge Couse was attended by 140 Yudansha from all over Indonesia.

Besides training in the form of judging practice,  Yudansha also equipped with judging theory as well as how to prevent accidents and how to give First Aid in an accident at a game, Psychology of Judge Lessons are given, among others are : General Study of Judge, Management Organization, Psychology of Judge, Phylosophy and Ethics of Judge, Sport Injury, The Judge Experiences, Theory and Practice of Judge, GMS (Games Management System).

On the last day the written examination is held. Those who pass receive a certificate of Regional Judge (Province) while those who already have a certificate of Regional Judge elevated to the rank of National Judge.



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