Ginanjar Sensei to visit Japan


On 24 February 2017 Ginanjar Sensei (one of PERKEMI founder) visited Japan and would stay there a few months in order to teach in a college. Prof Dr Ir Ginanjar Kartasasmita would give a lecture at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, in Tokyo. On that occasion he also

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Workshop in the beautiful mountain area


On January 13, 2017,  Board of PERKEMI has held the Workshop which was attended by representatives of the Provincial Board.  In this event the Provincial Board to freely express all the constraints and problems encountered in their Province. The discussion took place with a relaxed and full of familiarity in

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Year-end activities in many provinces in Indonesia


A few months before the close of the year there are many Shorinji Kempo activities in the provinces in Indonesia. Besides Provincial Tournaments , there are Inter-city Tournaments,  Inter-dojo Tournaments, Province Gashuku (Training Camp), Junior Tournaments, Provincial Annual Meetings etc. We only upload some activities of  the 33 provinces where

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Judge Course 2016


The Judge Course, National Level have been held between 13-16 October 2016 ago. Placed in the “Sidharta A Martoredjo” Shorinji Kempo Center for Education and Training, the Judge Couse was attended by 140 Yudansha from all over Indonesia. Besides training in the form of judging practice,  Yudansha also equipped with

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19th National Sport Week (19th PON)


19th National Sports Week (19th PON 19), recently took place in Bandung, West Java from 17 to 29 September 2016. This multi event PON which was attended by all the provinces in Indonesia is a benchmark for the achievement of national athletes so the athletes prepare as well as possible.

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